Many Workers Procrastinating on Retirement Investing

Are you a bit unsure of how to handle your current financial situation? So many people are concerned about what impact the pandemic might have on their current lives, but there is a long-term impact to think about, too. After all, there will be a point where we move passed all this insanity, and the focus will move towards the future. But, will the pandemic shift the way you need to approach your golden years? There is something to be said about adapting to your situation, and ensuring your family has a comfortable future.

According to a recent post by The Motley Fool, many workers are procrastinating on retirement investing. There is probably a number of reasons why this is the case, and some may not be as obvious as others. But, if one of the major reasons preventing you from investing in your retirement is because you are concerned about the stock market, you are not alone. Fortunately, there is a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of a positive marketplace, while avoiding the risk that comes with the downturns. Did you know that annuities may allow you to invest in the market, without exposing you to any of the risk?

When it comes down to it, annuities can provide some powerful financial options. Everything from guaranteed streams of income, to safe growth, to long-term care can all have a major influence on your retirement. And, Annuity Association would love the opportunity to work with you throughout the process. They know there are many different types of annuities, and they may not all be a perfect match for you. Get started with their annuity score quiz, and see how easy it is to change your future.

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Pandemic Forces Annuities Into The Conversation

There are many areas in life where a one-size-fits-all approach can work. It can help you narrow down your choice of fitted hats in a hurry, and there are some general life guidelines that it pays to follow. However, your future financial strategy is not one of these generic areas. And, different circumstances around us can even change the things that you should do with your money. This pandemic has provided the perfect example of a financial industry in transition.

Annuity Association has always believed in the power of annuities. However, that sentiment has only grown more popular in recent times. According to an article shared by Business Wire, COVID-19 has spotlighted retirement readiness, and that means the conversations around annuities have been sparked. The piece mentions that the overwhelming majority of financial professionals now consider themselves more likely to discuss annuities with their clients. Additionally, the same study reports that clients are much more interested in hearing about this safe financial vehicle.

Did you know that there are many different types of annuities? That means you may need to narrow down a specific option that focuses on your priorities. After all, some annuities focus on growth, others focus on lifetime income, and others want to provide additional support for long-term care. However, only the right financial team can walk you through the options that are right for you. Get started with Annuity Association‘s annuity quiz risk-free, right now.

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Florida Takes Over Top Retirement Spot

How are you currently feeling about your retirement plan? Do you even have a retirement plan, especially after what has transpired over the last few months? Regardless of where you currently stand, it is important to consider what the right financial strategy could do for you and your loved ones. After all, you have worked far too hard in your life to have everything derailed by a crazy period of time. And, that is exactly where guaranteed streams of income can pay off in a major way.

There are many places that you may think about retiring. But, when it comes to stereotypical options, it is pretty common to hear Florida uttered consistently. That sentiment was recently confirmed by Market Watch, who reported that Florida has taken the top spot on the “best states to retire to” list. It is also worth noticing that this was not always the case, as Florida moved up from 10th place just last year. The list factored crime rate, cost of living, age of population, property prices, and life expectancy.

It is understandable if retirement isn’t your number one focus right now. However, this crazy time will pass, and your future may come down to how much you prepared for things. Annuity Association believes that safe, guaranteed sources of income can make a major difference in your life. They are proud to offer a free annuity score quiz on their website, allowing you to look into things, risk-free. So, get started with Annuity Association, and see how your retirement can be positively impacted.

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So Far, So Good – Retirement Postponements Low

As we continue to try to navigate the crazy year that is 2020, uncertainty continues to be the name of the game. This is certainly true when it comes to people’s current and future financial situations. After all, it is inevitable that the uneven economic picture has forced some people to rethink their retirement plans. However, the news isn’t all bad, even as many outlets continue to publish warning signs. According to a recent piece in The Motley Fool, not as many retirements have been impacted as previously thought.

As discussed in the article, only 5% of workers have decided that they will delay retirement. This is contradictory to previous pieces that speculated about massive amounts of damage to retirement plans. However, it is important to realize that there is still a long way to go before the true impact is realized. The good news is that the right retirement plan can take you through even the most uncertain of times. So, it may be time to consider what guaranteed streams of income can do for your retirement.

What is one of the biggest takeaways of our current world? The right retirement plan is more important than ever. Annuity Association knows that, with the right strategy, you can survive any economic downturn. And, because there is so much uncertainty in the future, this is an avenue that is certainly worth exploring for many. Head to Annuity Association‘s website, and take their annuity score quiz for free, today.

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Current Pandemic May Harm Retirement Worse Than Great Recession

Are you worried what the pandemic may do to your retirement outlook? Although many people are just worried about making next month’s rent or mortgage payments, there are both short and long-term issues to consider. And, once we get out of this crazy time, the focus of many is going to shift back towards locking down a comfortable retirement. After all, you have worked far too hard in your life to have everything wiped out by an economic downturn. That is one of many reasons why it pays to avoid being overly-invested in the stock market.

Even though the markets have bounced back from their major slumps, the past few months have been a great reminder of why there is so much risk in this area. To that end, many people have already felt the impact, and a great deal aren’t as confident about retirement as they once were. Additionally, a recent article in USA Today discussed how COVID-19 could do more to hurt retirement accounts than the Great Recession did. A whopping 70% of Americans have already said their nest-eggs have or will be impacted, and we’re not out of the woods, yet. However, instead of preparing to work forever, consider how guaranteed streams of income could change the outlook.

When it comes down to it, retiring comfortably is all about having the right plan. And, Annuity Association is ready to get to work with you, establishing a strategy that fits your specific needs. They know that what works for your neighbor, may not be the solution to your problems. That is why Annuity Association takes the time to research your situation, and make a suggestion that can take you through your golden years. Get started with their free annuity score quiz, and see where an annuity may fit into your life.

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Too Many Baby Boomers Planning to Delay or Never Retire

There’s no way around it – a lot of retirement plans have been impacted over the last few months. And, those who didn’t have a retirement plan may face an even larger uphill battle to secure a comfortable set of golden years. But, even while the world starts to try to find a semblance of normal, it is critical that you are thinking about the future. After all, we will get through this crazy time period, and there will be a quality future for those who plan. So, consider what the assistance from a team of experts could mean to your retirement, in a time where so many people are confused.

Has the recent economic downturn shifted your thoughts about retiring? According to a recent article in The Motley Fool, an incredible 68% of Baby Boomers are having second thoughts about this milestone. As mentioned in the piece, over two-thirds of Baby Boomers now plan to delay retirement, or never stop working. However, as the article discusses, issues such as health, job performance, and lack of networking options can derail this plan. And, this is ignoring the greater overall point, which is that nobody should have to work endlessly, simply because they feel they don’t have the ability to retire.

Are you tired of feeling like you have no control over your own retirement? Annuity Association would love the opportunity to work with you, and help establish a plan that takes care of all of your needs. So, if you are ready to take the first step towards a comfortable retirement, you have the perfect partner ready to get started. Annuity Association is proud to offer a free annuity score quiz, allowing you to get started risk-free. Don’t sit on the sidelines hoping that the economy saves you, when there are so many other options to explore.

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Annuities Can Be Important, Especially During Economic Uncertainty

For the past few months, people have dealt with especially uncertain economic times. It’s bad enough for those who are slowly starting to come up on retirement. However, for those who have just retired, or will in the near future, it has forced a complete reassessment of the issue. After all, there is a chance that you will need a different financial strategy, than what might have sufficed only a few months back. In any situation, it pays to have an expert team helping to guide you throughout the journey.

Did you have an annuity established, as the economy took a turn for the worse? Financial Advisor recently wrote an article, discussing how this financial climate has impacted financial futures. As the piece mentions, the dangers of an investment-only portfolio came to light during this time, and the stock market will always carry significant risk. Conversely, annuities offer some much needed safety and guaranteed income for people who really need it. In addition, the myriad of annuity options allows you to discover a financial vehicle that fits your specific set of needs.

Are you ready for any eventuality that may strike, as retirement looms? Annuity Association is here to help point you in the right direction, and give you some much needed assistance. The team has decades of experience, and uses that to good measure for you and your family. Annuity Association is also proud to offer a free annuity score quiz, allowing you to get started risk-free. In uncertain times, consider adding a safety net to help establish some peace of mind.

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When A Pandemic Cuts Off Your Retirement

You have probably heard the old saying that “timing is everything.” It is a statement that applies to so many areas of life, and certainly something we are witnessing now. Those who got out of the stock market last year are ecstatic, while the many who didn’t are still counting their losses. Additionally, the current situation has produced a large set of problems for those who were on the verge of retiring. Now, Baby Boomers are left wondering what steps are necessary in order to regain a path towards a comfortable retirement.

CNBC recently posed a very interesting question – what happens when you are close to retirement, and a pandemic hits? That is obviously a very large-scale question with a lot of different answers. And, the piece mentions how about 25% of current retirees may be heading back to work, and a similar percentage reports that retirement hopes have diminished. The article also discusses how it is dangerous to try to “out-guess the stock market,” and this is especially true for those who may not have enough time to see the high marks come back. Towards the end, the piece alludes to guaranteed sources of income, but doesn’t quite make the full leap of how much safety an annuity can bring to a family that needs it.

Are you looking for a new financial strategy to take you through retirement? Annuity Association believes that guaranteed sources of income are critical in today’s market. There is simply too much risk in trying to play waiting and guessing games with the stock market. Annuity Association would welcome the opportunity to work with you, and set up a financial strategy that fits your specific set of needs. So, get started with their free annuity score quiz, and see how an annuity may fit into your life.

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Some Americans Tapping Into Retirement

It was inevitable that an issue as large-scale as a global pandemic would cause a multitude of long-term and short-term issues. And, it’s not very surprising that the financial side of the equation has become the number one issue for a lot of Americans. Many are simply concerned about paying rent, making their next mortgage payment, or having enough to feed their families. However, there is also the longer-term worry about what impact this may have on retirement. Unfortunately, it seems that the Coronavirus has already started to take its toll on some Americans’ retirement funds.

According to a recent article in CNBC, 14% of Americans with retirement savings have already tapped into the funds. And, while it proves the importance of having something stored away, it also shows the critical nature of our current situation. This is going to force many people, who thought they had their retirement figured out, to restart their retirement plans. After all, times have undeniably changed, and that may mean you need a new course of action. Let an experienced financial team help point you in the right direction, as you prepare for your upcoming golden years.

Some people just assume that this pandemic means the end of the dream for a comfortable retirement. But, Annuity Association knows you shouldn’t have to work forever, regardless of what has happened over the last few months. They would love the chance to show you how guaranteed sources of income can completely change the way you view retirement. Annuity Association is happy to provide a free annuity score quiz on their website, letting you get the process started risk-free. Let’s get you on the right track for retirement, even during uncertain times.

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Choosing The Safe Path

There is a time and a place for safety. For some people, life is better served going from exciting adventure to noteworthy experience. You might even find some people who reject the very premise of safety in their lives. However, other people prefer to go the secure route, saving their riskier endeavors for situations that they feel calls for them. However, risk-takers and safe-seekers alike can generally benefit from the conservative approach in one specific area – finances.

It may not have always been so black and white, but safety in finances is something just about everyone is striving for these days. And, as recently discussed in The Emporia Gazette, choosing the safest path comes with choices. An expert in the field is a wise choice when it comes to determining the specific course of action that you should take. However, as the article mentions, annuities have a common place in a safe financial approach. If that sounds better than the roller coaster associated with the stock market, it may be time to consider an annuity.

There are many areas of life where taking the safe route is boring. However, Annuity Association believes the one place where boring reigns supreme is the financial world. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about whether money is coming in, after those paychecks disappear? Annuity Association is happy to offer a free annuity score quiz on their website, allowing you to gather more information without committing anything to the process. Be a little boring with your finances, so you have the means to be adventurous everywhere else.

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